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Air Handler


PM Bowle recently put on the market a very high precision make up air unit indirect gas fired able to reach a 1 degree Fahrenheit precision to its setpoint. This is the first and only low CFM unit to reach that never iqualled precision.


There are three major parts on the PM Bowle make up air unit.

1- The PM Bowle external gas boiler,
2- The sevice cabinet and
3- Air side.


The PM Bowle make-up air units are available from 500 CFM to 3500 CFM. The system works in a closed loop using 50% glycol, 50% water. Twin the PM Bowle extenal to a normal make-up air unit and you get an indirect gas fired heating unit. Add on some the required control and you get the precision!

A service cabinet gives access to most of the components placed in the heating unit. An access door lets all the way required for maintenance and service.

The air side is factory insulated with acousitc reinforced coated fiberglass. The fresh air access is controled by a sealed opposite blade damper. is warmed up by the PM Bowle external boiler and the temperature is controlled with different sensors placed before and after the heating coil.


Stable & Comfortable

The glycol used in the PM Bowle systems is capable to store energy for a good period of time. Once the glycol is warm it can supply stable heating with very low changes for a long period of time. This makes the glycol a first choice for comfort.


The PM Bowle Make up air was devellopped for air temperature precision. It can supply a precision close to 1F to the set point thanks to its high modulation capacity.


The PM Bowe make-up air unit is best for:

The experience of our team willl help you to make the right choice for the system you need.