Modulation Process

Modulation is the process of adapting the heating requirements of a given space. Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable environment without having to put up with periods of overheating and or coldness. There is a need to harmonize the heating requirements of our spaces with the variations of the outdoor temperature.

Application :
With the utilisation of one or more boilers it is possible to modulate the liquid flow with a three way valve controlled to a 0-10 volts sensor. This allows a perfect control of the temperature.

Modulation of 0-100% offers a perfect supply of air. This makes it ideal for make-up air systems.

The modulation by PM Bowle boilers is excellent for :
Office space – laboratories – restaurants – public buildings – shopping centers and etc…

Applications : Air and radiant floor heating

Specifications :
Monobloc unit (consist of 2 or more boilers joined together)

Components :
PM Bowle boiler, stainless steel casing to hold the accessories, three way valve, circulators, expansion tank, pipes, transformers, control valve for modulation. Factory start up with trial runs.

On location : Gas connections
Electrical connections
Liquid connections to the main system

P.M. Bowle recommends using a three-way valve for the liquid flow system. This widespread, easy-to-use technology is well known among installers. In addition, this equipment adapts to all kinds of systems, and offers modulation ratios varying between 0-100%.